Frequently Asked Questions

What are different User Roles?
  1. Subscriber: can view whole website but do not have access to Business Portal
  2. Buyer: can access whole website except the Inquiries posted by other users. Buyer cannot submit sales offers
  3. Seller: has access to whole website except submitting Inquiries.
  4. Agent: can access whole website.
How do I register?

Please visit Register page. If you use Google or Facebook login, then you will get Subscriber role by default. If you want other role, then you should use the available form on the page.

Can buyers see each other's inquiries?


Can sellers see each other's sales offers?

Currently, yes. We might review it later on and revoke this access.

Can I edit my inquiries / Sales offers / Jobs after I have posted those.

You can view and edit all your submission by visiting your Dashboard. You can also access the same in your Profile under relevant tab.


Do I need to register to use the website?

To get the most out of this platform and access all features available to specific user roles, you should Register and Login.

As allowed by user roles, only logged in users can access business portal, post inquiries and sales offers.


How can I send messages to other members?

Visit the profile page of member you want to send message to, and look blue “Message” button.

How can I improve my privacy settings?

You can visit your Account page and customize all the settings related to your experience as per you preferences.

Is my data safe?

We are hosted on the best web server on Google Cloud Platform. Your data has the maximum security possible.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password through Account page or visiting the Reset Password Page.

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