Combined Fabrics Lahore installs TUKAcut for reducing cutting waste and increasing production

Combined Fabrics – the largest supplier of knitted garments to Levi’s based in Lahore, Pakistan – is expanding its cutting capacity by adding a third Tukatech automatic high-ply cutter. The TUKAcut 9.0 meets the requirements of apparel, PPE, and uniform manufacturers in the Industry 4.0 era, says its Los Angeles-based maker, and is the most energy-efficient machine on the market in terms of k/w/hour for cutting 9cm high compressed fabrics.

This is very important in countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, as well as parts of the United States, where electricity costs for factories can be extremely high when running multiple shifts and there is demand for faster production.

Tariq Mehmood, director of Combined Fabrics, said, “We saw how Tuka cutting room solutions reduced 80% of our staff in the cutting room, improved our quality, and eliminated useless steps. We really are very happy users of TUKAcad, TUKA3D, CutPlanning, SMARTmark, automatic fabric spreaders, and cutters. We have almost everything the company offers, and we are adding more systems because we have seen the results. We know automation and we replaced all other so-called automatic systems with Tukatech.”
Tariq further said that Before this setup, we had 90 people spreading and cutting 50,000 units per day. Now we have 14 people who have increased productivity to 70,000 units per day.


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