German yarn company TWD Fibres releases new trend colours for 2022

TWD Fibres, a specialist manufacturer of polyester and polyamide coloured yarns, has released the new trend colours for 2022, under the theme ‘Elements of Nature’. All shades of this season’s collection are available in Polyester Yarns Diolen and PA 6.6 Yarns Timbrelle in many yarn thicknesses. The company is a fully integrated filament yarn producer.

The first colour trend is Element of Nature-Fire. Fire can not only be calm, but also wild and loud. From soft yellow to bright magenta, a closer look at the colours reveals a breath-taking game of flames. Soft yellow tones provide warmth by candlelight and shine on sunny days. Warm orange lets us look optimistically into the future at sunset and bright red shows us the power that can emanate from fire, but also the life that is in it, according to TWD Fibres.

The second colour trend is Element of Nature-Water. Regardless of whether it is the sea or a lake, the water immediately gives us that holiday feeling, with the gentle rustling of the waves, the splashing of the fish, the fine sand beneath your feet. The third colour trend is Element of Nature-Earth. Whether it is mountain biking, hiking, or going for a walk, the hectic pace of everyday life is reduced. We go out into nature. On the way through forests, meadows and fields, we enjoy their diversity. We walk out of the city on narrow paths in the midst of well-tended fields. To the left of us a field has just been freshly plowed and shines in a rich brown, while on the right at the edge of the path the first plants are poking out of the earth and shining in a delicate green. On the way into the forest, more and more lush green moss pervades the sandy path under our feet. While the floor now shines in a warm olive green, the fir trees all around shine in their strongest green. We feel the pristine nature and feel the significant effect that the forest has on the landscape, the soil, water and air and on us humans, TWD Fibres said in a press release.

The fourth colour trend is the Element of Nature-Air. Depending on the weather or the time of day, the sky offers its viewer variety and a real play of light. While we are woken up in the morning by delicate pink tones, light yellow tones, or clouds of different grey accompany us during the day. Soft apricot tones in the evening make the sunset an eye-catcher that you don‘t want to miss. But as tender as the air can be, the more it impresses us with its power. How quickly does a mild breeze turn into a full-blown thunderstorm, or a delicate cloud into a threatening front. These colours are harmony over all the contrasts.


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