Mycelium: A unique material that outperforms other sustainable alternatives in Fashion and other industries

Mycelium has a unique biology that can be leveraged to grow materials that self-assemble into complex, fully-formed structures. Ecovative is the New York-headquartered developer of mycelium materials. MycoFlex mycelium foam offers a sustainable alternative to plastic-based materials for a wide range of applications ranging from skincare and beauty products to insulated jackets, thermal linings, and high-performance footwear. Forager hides meanwhile offer significant advantages over leather.

Evan Lodes, a partner at Senator Investment Group and Ecovative board member, said, “Mycelium is a unique material that outperforms other sustainable alternatives in industries as diverse as fashion and food. Ecovative pioneered the field of mycelium materials and has invested in the research and development necessary to deliver it at the scale and cost required to make a significant impact.”

Ecovative produces high-performance, low environmental impact products for the textiles, food, and packaging industries. Ecovative developed its AirMycelium manufacturing platform to produce mycelium at an industrial scale, and recently activated 100,000 pounds per year of new manufacturing capacity to support growing demand.

Eben Bayer, CEO of Ecovative, said, “Today’s investment in our next-generation Mycelium Foundry will produce immediate results for our business and the planet. We have a track record of scaling and shipping mycelium-based products. This growth will accelerate our deployment of these important solutions at a greater scale and across more industries.”


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