US company Noble Biomaterials launches new Ionic+ fabric solution

Noble Biomaterials has announced the release of the new Ionic+ fabric solution, Ionic+ Durable. Noble Biomaterials, a leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications, produces advanced material technologies designed for applications in the performance apparel, healthcare, industrial, and emerging wearable technology markets.

Ionic+ Durable is a silver-based fabric finish that is an effective, expedient way to deliver antimicrobial benefits. It is applied at the finishing stage, allowing for maximum design freedom and production flexibility. The novel solution meets or exceeds state-of-market performance, and while the application has achieved a 50x wash durability rating, the self-cleaning, odour-eliminating ionized silver will ensure fewer washes to help conserve water, energy, and natural resources, as well as reduce fabric degradation over time, according to Noble Biomaterials.

The company’s history of ground-breaking innovation, from the first EPA-approved silver antimicrobial, to the first silver technology in an FDA-approved medical device, to the first antimicrobial on the International Space Station, showcases their commitment to pushing the barriers of material science with its proprietary silver-coating technology. With the addition of the new Ionic+ topical treatment to an already robust portfolio, this new offering is the capstone that allows the company to offer the most advanced antimicrobial system on the planet for clothing, footwear, luggage, bedding, medical wound care products, and more, Noble Biomaterials said in a press release.

“The addition of Ionic+ Durable to our technology portfolio is the result of years of innovation and research into the benefits of ionic silver. We want to ensure that our partners have access to the highest performing and broadest array of antimicrobial solutions. Noble pioneered the use of silver in textiles and is a key technology supplier to leading healthcare, consumer, aerospace, and defence companies around the world. With the addition of Ionic+ Durable, we are excited to continue our mission by powering products that protect, save, heal, and improve lives,” Joel Furey, Noble Biomaterials co-founder, and chief commercial officer said in a statement.

Noble Biomaterials is a registered FDA medical device facility, an essential sole-source technology supplier of medical components to the US military, and a US EPA-registered antimicrobial manufacturer. Noble Biomaterials products are EPA, FIFRA, BPR, and CE conforming. Ionic+ products exceed the performance claims on the market to which the company is publicising within its social and digital channels.


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