CCA opposes Western restrictions on procurement of Xinjiang cotton

The China Cotton Association (CCA) recently opposed any restrictions on China’s Xinjiang textile and clothing supply chain and related products by Western countries, led by the United States, and strongly urged them to stop their ‘wrong practices’. Recently, a number of international clothing brands issued a statement to ban cotton products from Xinjiang.

CCA will use the ‘Chinese Cotton’ certification mark as a starting point to promote the environment-friendly, decent work, high quality, and full traceability Chinese cotton production model and its finished products, and enhance the image of Chinese cotton and its products, it said in a release.

Xinjiang is China’s largest cotton-producing area, with an annual output of about 5 million tonnes, accounting for more than 80 per cent of domestic cotton production. More than half of farmers in Xinjiang grow cotton, of which ethnic minorities account for more than 70 per cent, CCA claimed.

The income from cotton planting has accounted for more than 80 per cent of the total agricultural income. Xinjiang’s cotton textile production capacity is around 17 million spindles, yarn output is 1.85 million tonnes, and local employment is nearly 600,000.

According to China Customs statistics, China’s overall textile and apparel exports in 2020 will be $296.23 billion.

“Crude suppression from Western governments will not only directly harm the most vulnerable groups in the industrial chain-millions of cotton farmers and textile workers in Xinjiang, but will also seriously harm the interests of textile and apparel consumers, retailers, distributors and importers in various countries. It will ultimately harm the stable and prosperous development of the world’s textile and apparel supply chain and industrial chain,” CCA said.

“We call on international textile and apparel brands to proceed from the common interests of the industry, respect the Chinese market, respect Chinese consumers, and maintain caution and restraint in response to unprovoked accusations on Xinjiang; all parties in the global cotton textile industry chain are welcome to conduct inspections in Xinjiang and perform their responsibilities by third parties,” it added.


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