Lean business on cotton market

LAHORE: The Spot Rate remained unchanged on Wednesday. The market remained stable and the trading volume remained low.

Cotton analyst Naseem Usman while talking to Business Recorder told that price of Phutti of Sindh was traded from Rs 4500-7600 per 40 kilograms; Punjab’s Phutti attracted per 40 kilograms prices from Rs 6000 to Rs 7800. The Prime Quality Cotton was available at Rs 17500 per maund.

Similarly, Phutti from Balochistan was traded at Rs 6500 per 40 kilograms to Rs 8200 per 40 kilograms.

Cotton of Sindh was traded from Rs 13,500 to Rs 17000 per maund, Punjab’s cotton was traded from Rs 14,500 to Rs 17000 per maund and Balochistan’s cotton prices remained from Rs 16,000 per maund to Rs 16,500 per maund.

While Banola from Sindh was traded from Rs 1,400 to Rs 2,300 per maund, Punjab’s crop was traded from Rs 1,800 to Rs 2,400 per maund and Balochistan’s Banola was traded from Rs 1,700 to Rs 2,300 per maund, added Naseem Usman.

As many as 600 bales of Samundri were sold at Rs 17500 per maund, 300 bales of Chichawatni, 800 bales of Rahim Yar Khan were sold at Rs 17400 per maund, 800 bales of Shujabad, 200 bales of Marrrot were sold at Rs 16500 per maund and 582 bales of Layyah were sold at Rs 15200 per maund.

The Spot Rate remained unchanged at Rs 17300 per maund. Polyester Fiber was available at Rs 245 per kg.


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