Pleas of cotton sector heard as government guarantees supply of 100pc certified cotton seed

A few days back, Mehmood Nawaz Shah, senior vice president of Sindh Abadgar Board, brought up the issue of the alarming decline in the production of cotton. He wasn’t the only one to speak up for the decrease in production.

However, the government has taken notice of the issue and has promised to provide 100 percent pest-resistant and climate-tolerant high yielding seed varieties to farmers during the upcoming season. 30,000 tons of cotton seeds of different varieties have been tested by the Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department.

“Initiative was started to fulfill the domestic requirements of certified seed in order to enhance the per-acre output of the major cash crop of the country as well as enhancing the farmers’ income for economic growth and social prosperity,” said Dr. Zahid, Director Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC).

The government has taken full responsibility to supply a steady stream of 100 percent premium quality certified cotton seed that will aid in the growth of cotton. Another hurdle that farmers faced were pest attack on cotton-like white fly and pink ballworm, to solve this issue, subsidy is also being provided on the imports of PB Rope by the government.

A training program was also arranged for the cotton growers on best practices on farm management, use of high quality seeds, water and pesticides as well as to tackle with the pest issues, said Dr Zahid

Moreover, a scheme of incentives has also been introduced that will motivate and encourage the farmers to sow more cotton seeds and increase the growth ratio that will not only reduce the cost of doing business but will also help lessen the input cost of cotton.


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