Artistic Fabrics launches new range with Radianza fibre

Artistic Fabric Mills, a manufacturer of premium denim and specialty fabrics, has launched a new sustainable woven fabric range with Radianza fibre. Radianza—the flagship product of Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd, is a pre-dyed fibre, made with the revolutionary gel-dyeing technology. The new fabric range by Artistic Fabric Mills is developed as a part of the sustainability collection targeted for casual bottoms for both men and women.

“We are coming up with more and more sustainable innovations for our customers and Radianza is the latest in line of our sustainable ranges. Conventional dyeing is one of the major sources of water consumption and water pollution and creates many environmental problems. Using Radianza in our fabrics, help us not only to eliminate the fabric or yarn dyeing process, but also develop a wide range of designs and colorful fabrics,” said Saboor Iftikhar of Artistic Fabric Mills.

A recent Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) study of Radianza confirms significant reduction in the harmful impact to the environment as compared to conventional dyeing process. The report shows that 1 kg of yarn made with Radianza, could save upto 64 kgs of water, emits around 3 kg less CO2 equivalent Global Warming Potential, consume 50 MJ lesser energy etc as compared to conventional process. More details about Radianza can be seen in a mini video at

“We are very proud to be associated with Artistic Fabric Mills and be a part of their sustainability journey. Radianza has been widely accepted by our customers as a sustainable product and with this collection, the environmental benefits of Radianza will now be extended to the woven segment,” said Tuhin Kulshreshtha, head of Marketing of Value Added Products, Thai Acrylic Fibre Co Ltd.

Recently Thai Acrylic Fibre Co has launched a new website of Radianza – where more information and latest updates can be accessed.


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