CORDURA® brand and Artistic Milliners have collaborated in the evolution of a new choice of workpants from USA women’s workwear specialist Dovetail.

This marks the debut of the Noir “No Fade Black” CORDURA® denim, part of the Artistic Milliners Supercharged CORDURA® Denim collection.

With the development of Noir denim from Artistic Milliners, the denim company of the future; CORDURA® brand were able to help Dovetail deliver a tough, sustainable workpant – just like the women who wear them.

The story behind ‘No Fade Black’ pants

Dovetail is a company set up and run by women – dedicated to designing and producing workwear for women. Workwear that in their own words is: ’fit for the job and capable of anything’ “Just like women”, says Sara DeLuca, co-founder, who tells how it all began:

“We build radical pieces out of need. Women tell us what they want and we go from there. Our latest Maven and Britt style pants with ‘No Fade Black’ CORDURA® Denim came from a request from our most hardcore customers, who asked for the toughest possible pant.

“At the same time, we were getting requests for a nonfading black pant, from women who work in tough roles as roadies, theatre techs, and film crew. These pants are up to four times stronger than regular cotton denim and have a comfy stretch. There’s also a built-in long lasting softness that comes from the supple wood-based Lenzing TENCEL™ branded modal fibers used. These fibres come from a blend sustainable wood sources and that’s important, because sustainability is a key factor now for our customers.”

Success from a global collaboration

Ebru Ozaydin, based in New York, is senior vice president of sales and marketing at Artistic Milliners – and one of the world’s leading specialists in the development and production of advanced next-generation denim fabrics.

Ebru explains:

Artistic Milliners is a world player in the denim sector, and we were delighted to work with Dovetail and the CORDURA® team. Both these brands share our own innovative attitude to coming up with relevant solutions for today’s market. As a recognized UN pioneer in sustainability, our team was excited to harness our expertise to tackle Dovetail’s challenge.

“And we were able to deliver with the debut of the Noir (No Fade Black) denim that’s part of our Supercharged CORDURA® Denim collection. This is an exciting portfolio of durable, long-lasting, high-performance tech denims for today’s stylish and comfort-driven consumers. Specifically, Noir is a black performance denim designed with “5S” technology: Softness, Strength, Stay-black colour, Stretchability, Sustainability.  Truly special, this is a fabric that’s luxuriously soft and stretchy, eco-conscious, extremely tough and designed not to fade.”

Sustainable ideas come from sustainable relationships

Cindy McNaull, Business Development Director at CORDURA® added:

“At CORDURA® our belief is that: Sustainability Begins With Products That Last™. Quite simply, the longer something lasts the less need to throw it away and consume yet more resources.  What an incredible experience it was for me personally to be working with such a talented team – and in particular, to help develop a solution that was specifically addressing women’s workwear needs.

“When Ebru and I first met Sara, we were excited by her vision of creating the toughest—but still comfortable and stylish—women’s workpant. I knew from our decade-long partnership with Artistic Milliners, that this team would be ideally suited to bring creative and sustainable solutions to meet the customer and product needs outlined by the Dovetail community.

“We worked closely together, pooling ideas and combining our strengths. Resulting in the launch of Supercharged Noir CORDURA® Denim in these new Dovetail pant styles. Like the women they were designed for, when faced with the toughest tasks these are products designed not to fade or give up any time soon”

“This is very much how I see the future. A future based on innovation through collaboration and building durable relationships and products designed to withstand the test of time.”


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