Korteks shifting to sustainable polyester manufacturing with its $10 million polymer recycling facility

Korteks installed a polymer recycling facility with a 10 million dollar investment to produce polyester yarn completely out of PET bottles. Korteks is one of the Zorlu Textile Group companies. Kortek is Europe’s largest integrated and innovative polyester yarn production center.

The polyester yarns will be made from PET bottles. The utilization of PET bottles will reduce the environmental impact. The recycling plant has a monthly production capacity of 600 tons in a total closed area of 17000 m². The company will offer a wide range of products to its domestic and international customers, which can be used in all regions where polyester is used, from clothing to home textiles and automotive, produced with such an environmentally friendly production technique.

Barış Mert, General Manager of Korteks company, said, ‘‘This troublesome period that the world is going through once again reveals the necessity of building a sustainable life together. At Zorlu Group, we continue to take important steps in this regard for a long time by making sustainability a way of doing business in line with the Smart Life 2030 strategy. Under the umbrella of Korteks, we manage sustainability with a 360-degree approach at all stages, from raw materials to business processes, from water and energy management to the final product. We are implementing a new generation textile concept based on innovation based on circular economy step by step.”

Mr. Mert further added, “The Polymer Recycling Facility, which we have implemented with our understanding of a more sustainable life during the pandemic period, is one of the best examples of this. Through this investment, we will, on the one hand, use our resources efficiently; on the other hand, we will contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact created by plastic wastes, which are becoming a greater global problem each passing day. For the production of 1-ton recycled yarn, we will reduce approximately 110,000 plastic bottles, which are non-biodegradable in nature and are consumer waste. Thanks to this investment, which will recycle plastic bottles and polyester-based yarn waste to the economy, we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by saving energy due to the nature of the circular economy.’’


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