US chemical company Invista completes tech upgrade in Victoria, Texas

Invista, a leading manufacturer of chemical intermediates, polymers, fibres and fabrics, has completed its project to bring company’s most advanced adiponitrile (ADN) technology to its site in Victoria, Texas, on schedule, as part of site’s regularly planned maintenance turnaround. The site will manage a controlled start-up and ramp-up of ADN production. “We’re pleased this ADN retrofit will bring additional production capacity online in Victoria and are looking forward to how this will support growth in downstream nylon 6,6 applications,” Bill Greenfield, president, Invista Intermediates, said in a press release. ADN is a key ingredient for nylon 6,6 fibres and plastics used in industries like automotive production, electronics and electrical connectors. Applications also include automotive airbag fibre, specialty apparel fibres and high-performance coatings. Invista’s latest ADN technology has also been deployed at its site in Orange, Texas; at Butachimie in France (owned 50 per cent by Invista and 50 per cent by BASF), and will be deployed at its ADN plant at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in China, which is targeted to begin production in 2022, as company stated. This technology brings improved product yields, reduced energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced process stability and reduced capital intensity, compared to existing technologies.


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