African apparel exports expected to rise: TexPro report

Exports of apparel from Africa are expected to increase in the upcoming period with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, particularly in its two major markets—the EU and the US. Due to availability of cheap labour and other facilities, some countries in Africa, notably Ethiopia, are attracting higher foreign investments in the apparel sector.

Apparel exports from Africa were declining in the beginning of 2020. The continent’s apparel exports remained at $8,892.38 million in 2020, with an average of $741.03 million per month. The export was least in April ($306.19 million) and May ($344.95 million). Excluding April and May, the average monthly export of apparel from African countries stood at $824.24 million, according to Fibre2Fashion’s market analysis tool TexPro.

Post lower exports in April and May, the month of June saw apparel exports rising to $625.03 million with a growth of 104.13 per cent compared to the prior month. Exports were highest in the month of September at $1,005.83 million.

Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Madagascar, and Kenya were the top five apparel exporters of Africa in 2020, and they accounted for 36.24 per cent, 26.07 per cent, 15.64 per cent, 6.50 per cent and 4.60 per cent respectively of the total apparel export from the region.


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