Huge potential for smart apparel in sport, healthcare & defence

Professional sport, home healthcare and defence are the three main use cases of smart apparel, which have a huge potential, according to István Papp, founder and CEO of high-performance apparel brand 878Co. Since the industry is in a very early stage, its growth is in two digits, but Papp said it is expected to continue and even accelerate in the next 3-5 years.

In an exclusive interview with Fibre2Fashion, Papp said that his experiences and learning encouraged him to create a brand that provides solutions to the shortage of the sailing sector and which stands out in terms of design too.

Talking about the factors that contributed towards the growth of the company’s apparel, he said, “While the garments of most sports such as running or cycling underwent a significant development over the past five years, sailing apparels did not, though the sailing sport has developed tremendously over the past years. Just to name a couple of problems having come to surface, there is an increasing demand for the protection of athletes, the use of more durable materials, the provision of glare-free, undisturbed vision, ensuring the simple traceability of navigation data and reducing the risk of accidents. We came up with an answer and the right solution that nobody ever cared for or did.”


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