Mango’s new denim collection to save 30 mn litres of water

Mango, a Spain-based fashion group with presence in 110 countries, is moving forward in its commitment to achieve a more responsible fashion industry, and is launching a denim collection for this season whose finishing process will save 30 million litres of water, thanks to innovative and more sustainable processes, in order to help achieve a better world. The new denim collection extends to the Woman, Man and Kids lines, offering sustainable products to all Mango consumers.  “Some of the models incorporate technologies such as laser or ozone in order to provide sustainable and efficient solutions for the washing and finishing of each garment. Furthermore, quality and attention to detail are key elements in each product, making the garments more durable. Mango is promoting a Mediterranean lifestyle, linked to the sea and nature, so that its customers will love their garments for many seasons,” the fashion group said in a statement. The versatile and universal fabric denim features in the collection for all genders, ages and sizes. The silhouettes are inspired by denim outfits of the 90s, which are represented in a Mediterranean setting in which nature and denim are fully integrated. Denim in powdered tones return in the form of denim shirts and dungarees with belts. In addition, patchwork on skirts, trousers and jackets represents the spirit of the 90s and gives the classics added charisma. From the return of denim dresses to the new twist on jeans and jackets, the important thing this spring is to wear denim as a total look.  “Thanks to innovation and adapting sustainable technologies and processes, we are creating collections that help us to reduce our footprint. Together with other teams and our garment and fabric suppliers, we are constantly seeking production alternatives and more sustainable materials,” said Beatriz Bayo, Mango’s sustainability director.  Firm in its intention and commitment towards a more responsible business model, Mango is working to achieve its targets by 2025: for 100 per cent of the cotton it uses to come from sustainable sources and for 50 per cent of its polyester to be recycled. Also, by 2030, the target is that 100 per cent of the cellulose fibres it uses will be of controlled origin. “Having begun this journey several years ago, with this collection Mango continues to show its commitment towards more sustainable fashion,” the statement added. Mango closed 2019 sales with €2.374 billion, of which 24 per cent corresponded to e-commerce. 


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