Pakistan overtakes China in denim clothing exports to USA in Jan.-Sep. ’21

The US market is embracing denim clothing well in 2021 after falling in 2020 and 2019 on yearly basis, as suggested by the latest OTEXA data.

The country has imported US $ 2.54 billion worth of denim apparels in Jan.-Sep. ’21 period, noting 28.56 per cent Y-o-Y surge.

According to Apparel Resources’ analysis, Pakistan has continued performing well in its shipment of cotton-made apparels and has surpassed China (US $ 274.63 million) narrowly to clock US $ 275.89 million (up 63.40 per cent) export revenues from the denim segment.

In the last year’s same period (Jan.-Sep.), China’s value of denim apparel shipment stood at US $ 238.75 million, while Pakistan accounted for just US $ 168.85 million!

With this dominating export figures, Pakistan has also narrowed the gap with Vietnam’s value that could clock US $ 278.69 million in its denim shipment to USA in Jan.-Sep. ’21 period.

Bangladesh has yet again remained the top shipper of denim clothing to USA with US $ 520.16 million export value and noted 31.40 per cent yearly increase.

Mexico followed Bangladesh and shipped US $ 471.78 million worth of denim apparels to USA in the first 9-month period of 2021, growing annually by 46.53 per cent in its export values.


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