PRGMEA And Textile Sector Appeal To Government For Duty-Free Imports As They Battle The Cotton Crisis

KARACHI: Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association (Prgmea) and the value-added textile sector have both appealed to the government on allowing duty free import of cotton yarn and fabric. Prgmea has requested that the import be void of the “Procedure of Duty Tax Remission for Exports” (DTRE) procedure as only two percent of country’s exporter can avail the DTRE option while the rest suffer due to fabric shortage. Meanwhile, the textile sector has also made it clear that if a duty-free cotton yarn import is not allowed through presidential ordinance or act of Parliament, they won’t be responsible if the country’s exporters cause a stir and countrywide protests.

“Prgmea urges the government to abolish all duties on import of fabrics, as value-added garment sector is facing severe shortage of basic raw material, which may lead to a drastic decline in value-added textile export”, says Adeeb Iqbal Shikeh, Prgmea”s Vice Chairman

The final outcome depends on the government according to whatever decision they make. If there’s no duty free imports, the export industries will have no choice but to shut down. What Is more problematic for the exporters is that the duty free import was granted to wheat and sugar while banning their export but no attention is being given to this countrywide looming cotton yarn crisis that is putting our value added industries in danger. This discriminatory ruling from the officials will be the downfall if things don’t change now.


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