Dow introduces innovative, durable, and sustainable water repellent finish DOWSIL™ IE-8749

A new generation of durable water repellent finishes for fabrics has been launched by Dow Materials Science Company. The new product, DOWSIL™ IE-8749 Emulsion, is a fluoroalkyl-free silicone emulsion concentrate for durable water repellent finishes on textiles.  The product is non-ionic, and its chemistry is modified polydimethylsiloxane.

Formulations using DOWSIL™ IE-8749 Emulsion are intended to be applied in a factory in a continuous manner where heat curing can be done to fully set the finish on the fabric. The company recommends to include a blocked isocyanate crosslinker and a glycol penetrant in the formulated finish bath to achieve optimum levels of water repellency and durability. A typical formulation should be adjusted, based on the fabric pick-up, to enable 2–3% of DOWSIL™ IE-8749 Emulsion actives (solids) on-weight-of-fabric (owf). Besides, a blocked isocyanate crosslinker should be included at a ratio of 4:1 silicone actives to crosslinker actives. Finally, a glycol penetrant is recommended to be added at 1–3% owf. Of course, these values and ratios are a starting point. The formulation parameters for each application should be thoroughly evaluated before commencing with fabric finishing production.

Shawn Mealey, the technical service and development scientist at Dow, said, “As the global textile industry quickly adopts new production practices and materials with reduced environmental impacts, it’s important to examine the water repellent treatments being used as many conventional options come with a number of disadvantages. At the same time, fashion designers are being tasked with finding fabric solutions that meet consumer and societal expectations for style, ease of care, and durability. With DOWSIL™ IE-8749 Emulsion, we can help meet those needs and provide designers with a water repellent treatment that aligns with the industry’s overall push for greater sustainability.”

Mealey will present the specifics of this new durable water repellent solution for textile finishing during a dedicated webinar on March 2nd at 8 a.m. Eastern Time. Participants are invited to register online.


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