German chemical firm Rudolf unveils Bionic-Finish Eco textile finishes

Rudolf has launched the new Bionic-Finish Eco fluorine-free, water repellent finishes for ultimate performance. Rudolf, one of the leading chemicals industry headquartered in Bavaria, is specialised in innovative and high-quality chemical products, predominantly textile auxiliaries, products, for textile care as well as construction chemicals.

In 2021 Bionic-Finish Eco comes as a reviewed and extended family of unique non- halogenated, APEO-free, fluorine-free formulations suited for different materials and designed for different applications and needs, Rudolf said.

Bionic-Finish Eco provides non-fluorinated and highly durable water repellent textile finishes for high-performance, professional applications (for example, when brushing resistance is required). The product delivers highly efficient and durable performance with low application amounts thus not affecting fabric feel and appearance (for example, when remarkable softness is important). It fulfils a range of challenging technical requirements (for example, minimal impact on flame retardant properties of technical fibres). The product is suitable for both sportswear and outdoor applications, as well as for casual apparel and fashion clothing. It is Bluesign approved, ZDHC chemical gateway certified, and compliant with most RSLs, according to Rudolf.

Bionic-Finish Eco new portfolio includes universal and versatile solutions targeting the most standard requirements, as well as customized solutions that meet more demanding and specific expectations such as improved resistance to dry-cleaning, Rudolf said in a media statement.


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