Polygiene partners Colors for ViralOff Trigger Shield sprays

Polygiene partner, Colors, has launched the Regenesis ViralOff Trigger Shield sprays and other ready-to-use products for consumers, with Polygiene ViralOff as the active ingredient. Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology is the leading internationally recognised supplier of odour control and freshness technologies for clothing, gear, and other materials.

The newly launched products keep soft and hard surfaces, as well as fabrics protected and shielded from microbes and have been tested for antibacterial and antimicrobial efficacy according to a number of ISO standards, showing a reduction of over 99 per cent of bacteria and microbes within two hours. The products are available online throughout Europe, Polygiene said.

Today, due to COVID-19, the need for treatments that can keep fabrics and materials protected from germs and bacteria has increased. The Italian partner, Colors, with extensive know-how within innovation and development, as well as worldwide product distribution, has responded to this need and created the Regenesis project and the Regenesis ViralOff Shield products, according to Polygiene.

The products use the characteristics of the antimicrobial Polygiene ViralOff technology created by Polygiene for the textile industrial sector, in an accessible version for the final consumer through the creation of a complete range of ready-to-use products in the forms of different consumer products, such as sprays for soft, hard surfaces and fabrics, with additional products being launched later on this year. These products interrupt the antimicrobial activity and make sure surfaces and other areas are shielded from microbes and preserved from odours. In addition, Polygiene ViralOff, and thus, the Regenesis ViralOff sprays, have the certification of Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex and reference skin tests show that the product does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora of the skin, Polygiene said in a media statement.

“When the pandemic appeared, Colors immediately tried to find a solution that could meet the protection and safety needs dictated by the situation. We have thus developed a special formulation based on the Polygiene ViralOff technology produced by Polygiene translated into the range of antimicrobial ready-to-use products, Regenesis Shield with ViralOff technology. We appreciate that Polygiene has the same strong focus on sustainability as we have,” Mario David Odicini, general manager at Colors said in a statement.

“This is an exciting development for the use of our technology Polygiene ViralOff. We see that there will be an increased interest in antimicrobial products even after the pandemic, and the range of Regenesis ViralOff Trigger Shield sprays now being launched for consumer use is a good response to that demand. In addition, less washing and cleaning will be needed, which will prolong the life of the products being treated with the spray,” Ulrika Björk, CEO at Polygiene said.


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