Denim Expert becomes WEF’s sustainability New Champion

Denim Expert Limited, a niche denim manufacturing and washing plant in Bangladesh, has been recognised as ‘New Champion’ by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It is the only apparel and textile entity in the world that received the prestigious recognition this year. Denim Expert has been selected as ‘Honorable Mention’ in excellence in sustainability category.

WEF’s New Champions awards recognise excellence in sustainability, digital disruption and agile business governance.

“From their impact on the planet and society to how they can participate in building a better future, the World Economic Forum’s New Champion companies are doing just that–exploring the new business models, emerging technologies and sustainable growth strategies that will be vital in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” WEF said in the announcement.

About Denim Expert, WEF said: “In 2019, the firm set sustainable goals and targets across several areas including reducing consumption of energy and water, CO2 emissions, and waste generation. The firm is also working to provide opportunities to transgender people and human trafficking survivors.”

“I believe this recognition to Denim Expert by World Economic Forum is an appreciation to the sustainable strides of Bangladesh apparel industry as a whole. I am proud for bringing this accolade for the country,” said Denim Expert managing director Mostafiz Uddin.

Bangladesh at present has the highest number of green garment factories in the world. Among the 27 industrial units of the world that atop the 10 highest rated LEED green factories globally certified by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), 14 are garment factories situated in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the second largest apparel exporting country in the world which shipped apparel worth $33.07 billion in fiscal 2019-20 ending June 30. The apparel producing country has made significant improvements in safety standards and practicing sustainability in recent years.

Denim Expert Limited is a member of World Economic Forum. It’s the first Bangladeshi manufacturer that joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)/Higg Index. It’s also the first Bangladeshi manufacturer to become a contributor to ZDHC Foundation which is driving improvement in the management of textile chemicals globally. It’s the first denim manufacturer from Bangladesh to join Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action convened by the UNFCCC.

Denim Expert Limited is also the first Bangladeshi apparel factory that joined the Jeans Redesign programme of Ellen MacArthur Foundation which employs the principles of a circular economy to ensure positive impacts for the environment, society, and the health of those people working in the industry. The factory is member of International Apparel Federation (IAF), Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), and Social &  Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) too.

This article orignially appeared in Fibre2Fashion


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