AGI Denim Pakistan collaborates with Panda Biotech to develop alternatives to traditional denim

AGI Denim Pakistan and Panda Biotech are pleased to announce they have entered into a global production partnership. AGI Denim will combine its innovative and industry-leading denim manufacturing technologies with American-grown industrial hemp processed and cottonized at Panda Biotech’s state-of-the-art facility in the United States. AGI Denim manufactures denim for brands such as GAP, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Target, American Eagle, H&M, and more.

Panda Biotech’s hemp is an easily traceable, US-grown product that offers complete visibility and quality assurance within an industry that is still trying to address the issue of transparency within its supply chain. The collaboration allows both companies and their brand partners to identify, track and trace the hemp fiber as it moves along the supply chain from raw to finished goods — providing peace of mind to consumers who will know exactly where their products originate. AGI Denim is the first company to partner with Panda.

A perfect blend with cotton and other fibers, industrial hemp offers a host of environmental benefits that make it an exciting option for future use within the industry. It’s proven to absorb more CO2 per acre than any forest or commercial crop and requires a fraction of the water needed by most major crops.

As an existing leader in circularity within the industry, AGI has already made great strides in developing innovative alternatives to traditional denim manufacturing and processing methods. Just this year, they were awarded a Gold Level, Cradle-to-Cradle Certification for their latest hemp-based fabric material, Hemp X. And, by using Panda Biotech’s proprietary cottonization process, AGI Denim looks forward to utilizing even more environmentally friendly materials in their upcoming denim collections. With the company’s exclusive one-year deal with Panda for the Pakistan denim industry, AGI Denim expects to further scale its use of sustainable raw materials at its new facilities.

Dixie Carter. president of Panda Biotech
Dixie Carter. president of Panda Biotech

Dixie Carter, president of Panda Biotech, said, “We are excited to work with AGI, and applaud their commitment to implement transformative processes that will better both the environment and the jeans they manufacture.
The pace of fashion is unsustainable. We are on the cusp of great change as brands and manufacturers make increasingly aggressive commitments to producing sustainable products with renewable processes. Industrial hemp will play a pivotal role in satisfying this growing market demand.”


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