Isko joins hands with High for new SS2021 collection

Leading denim innovator, Isko, and leading Italian brand, High, to release the new High Spring Summer 2021 collection. The collection contains sustainable fashion with beautiful, intelligently designed clothes made with the latest manufacturing technology. The collection is made using highest production values and precious fabrics and intricate details.

Aimed at bringing a positive change both for the planet and its people, the project presents two pieces, jacket and pants, which embody High’s approach to creativity and production; a well- balanced mix of specialists’ expertise and a tireless investigation on the latest and most responsible fabric technologies. High identified the R-TWO programme as the right fabric ingredient, ideal to level up sustainability in its romantic and eclectic looks, Isko said.

Relying on a blend of reused and recycled materials, this revolutionary platform works by embedding material circularity into the production process, designing waste out of the system and minimising impact at scale. With fully traced reused cotton coming from Isko’s production loss, which is prevented from becoming waste by adding it back into the spinning process, and an efficient use of polyester materials which are spun into newly recycled fibres, the programme can provide certified to Textile Exchange environmental credentials, according to

According to the percentage of material contained, these can be either the Content Claim Standard, Global Recycled Standard, Organic Content Standard, or Recycled Claim Standard, ensuring better use of raw materials and resource efficiency while providing advanced concepts that don’t compromise on their look and performance, Isko said.

Additionally, to meet High’s performance needs, Isko has brought to the table one of its most popular technologies, of course in its R-TWO version; Jeggings, super-stretch denim technology. Soft and lightweight as leggings, it provides comfort with the look of authentic denim and provides the perfect, responsible solution to usher the partnership, the company said in a media statement.

“We are always happy to collaborate, especially when it comes to relationships with players that resonate with Isko’s values. Attention to details, research on style and creativity, the quest for the more advance and responsible solutions, this project embodies them all and, to us, these are the perfect ingredient to develop a better industry,” Elena Faleschini, Isko global field marketing manager said in a press release by the company.


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