Sustainable denim technologies: Highlights of three-day training sessions at NTU

A three-day training session (5-7Feb) on sustainable denim technologies has been completed at National Textile University, Pakistan. The training was organized to promote sustainable denim processing across the country. Mr. Stefano Isonni, Garment Finishing Expert from an Italian manufacturing company named “Tonello,” provided the in-depth training to Faculty Members, Lab staff, and various experts from well-renowned industries, including Crescent Bahuman, Masood Textiles, Interloop, Master Textiles, Azgard-9, Archroma, and others participated in the event.

The Denim Research Group Leader at NTU, Dr. Amjed Javed, highlighted the importance of sustainability regarding denim processing and the industry’s potential during upcoming years. Under the leadership of worthy Rector Prof. Dr. Tanveer Hussain, Dean School of Textile Engineering Dr. Yasir Nawab, HOD School of Textile Engineering Dr. Munir Ashraf, the group is focused on introducing new technologies with minimum impact on the environment.

The main highlights of the event are:

No Stone Technology: NoStone®+ is the newly redesigned denim-washing system developed by Tonello in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. It is designed to overcome the economic, mechanical, and environmental limitations of the stone-washing process.

Core Technology: Core is a unique technology capable of creating uniform or contrasting effects that go beyond fleeting fashions to bring out the full potential of the garment. The process is rapid, wholly automatic, and programmable. It ensures top performance and is applied inside the machine, requiring no special preparation or tying. Core is fully interfaced with the device and can be implemented in any production cycle without interrupting the process. Core also drastically reduces water use: for the first time, it makes it possible to create special dyes with extremely low environmental impact, with a 1:1 liquor ratio. Core goes beyond the fashion-effect and frees up the full potential of a garment. It can also apply particularly high-performance products based on needs and the desired outcome, like eco-softeners, resins for 3D whiskers, water, oil repellent products, antibacterial products, etc.

ECOFREE 2: The ECOfree 2 system allows you to treat your garments with ozone both in water and in the air. Thanks to adopting cold plasma generators, we can obtain higher concentrations of ozone with lower oxygen and electrical energy consumption than traditional systems. This is an ecological process: lower consumption of electricity and water; shorter processing times; purification costs reduced to a minimum; absolute safety for the operator and for the final consumer: these are, very briefly, the benefits of the new ECOfree 2.

ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM: A single machine for performing all the finishing operations on the garment: this is the path that we have chosen to tangibly respond to the most sophisticated demands, with an approach oriented towards sustainability, transparency, and flexibility. For incomparable esthetics. The All-in-one system is the perfect symphony of creativity, technology and performance. It has now become a reality with the arrival of ECOfree 2 being added to the already proven NoStone®, Core, and Up.


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