Acknowledgement and appraisal given to British High Commissioner for Economic Development of Pakistan

While in conversation with the British High Commissioner Christian Turner along with Head of Development Annabel Gerry, the Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh offered his praise to the United Kingdom’s people and their government for the utmost assistance and relief provided for improvement of the economic development of Pakistan.

Moreover, the finance minister has a good faith that the relationship between the two countries will be strengthened even further economically. He said the government was pursuing a broad-based economic reform agenda to achieve export-led growth and would like to further deepen trade and economic linkages between the two countries.

The Green Financing project was also reviewed in the meeting as Pakistan is suffering from the lowest production of Cotton. Therefore, solutions to combat the climate change induced challenges were discussed. The British High Commissioner assured that all support and help will be offered by the UK’s government to Pakistan for the development of the green industry to alleviate negative environmental impact.

As the Covid – 19 pandemic has put a dent in the growing businesses all over the world. Pakistan was affected as well but was able to get back on its feet as the help offered by the UK to fight off the Virus contributed greatly. Dr Abdul Hafeez also commended the socio-economic steps that were implemented by the government to help minimize the damage caused by the virus. Condolences were also offered to mourn the loss of all the lives that were lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with that, a prayer for the timely recovery of those affected was sent as well.


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