BCI launches Cotton Sustainability Digital Series 2021

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has launched a new Cotton Sustainability Digital Series for 2021. Sessions and speakers curated for the in-person 2021 Global Cotton Sustainability Conference will now be coming to you live online, at more accessible rates and times across the entire year. BCI is the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world.

Participants can join BCI and partners throughout 2021 for the monthly Cotton Sustainability Digital Series, where the entire sector will come together to shape a more sustainable future for cotton. They can connect with industry leaders and experts and explore the entire cotton value chain. Sessions will focus on topics including climate action, innovation today and social sustainability, according to BCI.

Lucy Shea, group CEO of Futerra, will speak on the topic ‘What will 2030 look like and how do we respond as brands, manufacturers, NGOs and citizens?’ on January 19, 2021. The discussion will explore the sustainability trends that are shaping the world around us and the fashion and textiles sector. In particular, participants can look at how companies who embed sustainability have proven to be more resilient in 2020 and are building back better, becoming the businesses that our future needs. The next ten years will see the disruption of almost every industry, driven by our fast-changing world and the shifting desires of consumers, especially Gen Z. The episode is sponsored by Supima cottons.

This article orignially appeared in Fibre2Fashion


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