Power supply back to normal, says China’s State Grid

The supply and demand of power have returned to normal in areas operated by the State Grid Corporation of China, the state-owned electric utility corporation has said. Though the scale of power cubs has been significantly reduced, the power supply to some factories with high energy consumption and high pollution in certain provinces was still being limited.

The thermal coal inventory in the company’s operating area has now risen to 99.32 million tonnes, with the available days of consumption has risen to 20, Chinese state media reported quoting the utility company.

China will see a power consumption peak during the winter and coming spring. This will also be drought season for hydropower. So, the grid is expected to face an “overall tight balance of power with gaps in partial areas”.

The State Grid will increase and stabilise the power supply by tapping the potential of all kinds of resources, while closely tracking the thermal coal and gas supply, and coordinating power transmission across different regions to ensure the safety of the grid, said Meng Haijun, spokesperson with the State Grid. 

The State Grid, as of 2020, is the world’s second largest company overall by revenue. It supplies power to a population of over 1.1 billion, with its service area covering 88 per cent of the Chinese territory. 


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