Texworld Evolution Paris to unveil 2022 trend book

Texworld Evolution Paris Le Showroom, which will be held from February 1-5, 2021, will present Émergence, the Spring-Summer 2022 trend book at the Atelier Richelieu in Italy. The book is devoted to the return of vegetation in fashion and reflects this desire for nature around the world. Le Show room is the first touch & feel fashion event in Paris in 2021.

“Le Showroom will reveal the Trend Forum, patiently elaborated by Texworld Evolution Paris artistic directors, Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud. Their work, synthesized in the Émergence inspiration trend book, will structure the creative approaches to fashion for Spring-Summer 2022. By closing the trilogy initiated a year ago with Contre-Temps and then Egologie, which now take on their full meaning, the Émergence trend book consecrates the great return of nature. Illustrated through four great mythical cities, Atlantis, Zion, Metropolis and Babylon, this ground-breaking movement lays the foundations for a civilisation in the making,” according to Messe Frankfurt.

The theme, Atlantis The Conqueror, consecrates the aquatic colour palettes, very soft greens and blues reflecting the softness of the maritime nature (effects of plants, minerals and the seabed). Swallowed up by the waters, the new Atlantis gushes forth loaded with these most beautiful treasures – unknown pearls, invisible waves, carried by the waves of its power, it is about to reconquer the world. These abysses flood the future with phantasmagorical beauty, Messe Frankfurt said in a press release.

The theme, Radiant Zion, depicts the abandoned places where new utopias are born. Here earth and sky unite to give birth to a luminous horizon. This universe expresses colour fields where the mineral, the powdered ochre, but also the sun and the sky confront each other in bold contrasts.

Carnal Metropolis theme expresses urbanity versus nature and hard colours versus soft tones in a confrontation of highly technical materials. Babylonian Blossoming theme, which could be that of the Greta Thunberg generation, proposes a realistic vision of the world, in more frank, radical, but always, positive tonalities.

The showroom visitors, upon invitation to the time slot of their choice, will be able to discover these major themes in the Trends Forum. Established in the heart of the Atelier Richelieu, in an impressive, immersive setting imagined as an oasis of life, this space will be enriched by a selection of about a hundred samples chosen from among the 2,500 products on display upstairs in the textile libraries. They will illustrate each of the Spring-Summer 2022 universes in concrete terms.


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