Pakistan’s textile exports reach historic high in December

Textile exports during December 2020 increased by 22.72 per cent to a historic high of $1.401 billion compared to $1.14bn in the corresponding month of last year, latest data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Friday showed.

On a month-on-month basis, the country’s exports during the month increased by 9.20pc.

On a cumulative basis, the textile exports increased by 7.79pc to $7.442bn in July-December against $6.904bn in the same period last year, the data showed.

The textile commodities that contributed to positive trade growth included knitwear, exports of which increased to $1.849bn during 1HFY21 compared to $1.586bn last year. Likewise, bedwear exports increased by 16.38pc to $1.394bn; towels exports increased by 17.47pc to $445.709 million.

Meanwhile, exports of the commodities that witnessed negative growth included raw cotton, declining by 96.14pc to $0.592m while those of cotton yarn decreased by 26.36pc to $400.730m.

In addition, exports of cotton cloth also decreased by 7.73pc to $935.009m and yarn (other than cotton yarn) by 7.28pc to $13.464m


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