Spanish fashion group Mango launches second Active collection

Spanish fashion group Mango has announced the launch of its second Active collection, featuring new products, different fabrics and colours, spring-themed prints, more accessories and various technical characteristics. The Active collection is designed to be worn for a wide range of sports disciplines related to physical and mental well-being. One of the key new features in this Active collection is that there are no knitted garments; instead seamless finishes and lightweight fabrics predominate, which are combined with comfy-style garments. Also, along with garments designed for yoga, dance, meditation and pilates, there are also new running garments. Key garments include leggings, shorts, tops, short-sleeved crop tops, outfits, bodies, sweatshirts, lightweight jackets and jumpsuits in different colours and designs. It also includes useful accessories, such as yoga mat bags, yoga blocks, resistance bands, money belts, sneakers, caps, bags and socks. In autumn/winter ‘20 season, Mango launched Active designed for practising various sports. The first Active collection was a huge success, given that it adapted perfectly to the growing need to wear more comfortable clothing for being at home and for practising sport. The wellbeing community concept is inspired by Mediterranean culture and aims to foster community spirit, by promoting interaction among its members, strengthening bonds, sharing knowledge and generating conversation. The firm has decided to announce the launch of this collection through the creation of native content via experts in various disciplines related to well-being and the balance between body and mind, in order to publish it on its worldwide platforms, so that the entire community has the opportunity to practice these activities at home. The experts come from all corners of the planet, from Ubud to Paris, as well as New York, Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Mexico and Madrid. These experts in yoga, dance, meditation and other physical activities will offer live classes via Mango’s Instagram profile throughout March, April and May. Some of them collaborated in this initiative last season, such as the leading yoga experts Fernanda de la Puente, Clotilde Chaumet, Samora and the founders of New York’s Sky Ting studio Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan. This time, they are joined by the dancer Greta Elizondo and the wellness and yoga experts Marine and Marisa Compotello.


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