Bloom sustainable materials cleaning air and water

Footwear brands using Bloom sustainable materials are helping in cleaning air and water. According to Algix, a green-technology and parent company of the Bloom brand, in 2020, 303,941,629 litres of water were cleaned and returned to the environment, 190,454,484 cubic metres of air cleaned of carbon dioxide and 138,877 kilograms of carbon dioxide sequestered.

More than 100 companies now use Bloom to meet their sustainability goals. Traditional resins combined with Bloom materials use algae to transform air and water pollution into a replacement for plastics in consumer products. Products containing Bloom help clean polluted water and capture carbon to lower the product’s environmental footprint.

“Our customers appreciate our fully transparent methodology and life cycle assessment to help brands and consumers understand the impact of using algae from cleaning water,” said Algix co-founder, Ryan Hunt. “Our customers, like Levi’s, view Bloom as a partner in helping them meeting performance requirements and sustainability impact.”

“At Levi’s, sustainability is woven in everything we do and that includes footwear. Our collaboration with Bloom gives us the opportunity to address two of our priorities: keep the water clean and reduce the consumption of oil-based materials,” according to Levi’s.

“Our Bloom partnership is another step forward in our commitment to finding new ways to reduce our footprint,” said Katie Pruitt, director of product at Sanuk. “By using Bloom in our upcoming Sanuk X Grateful Dead collection, it has allowed us to help restore freshwater ecosystems by cleaning 940,000 litres of water.”

Every product containing Bloom helps clean polluted water and captures carbon to lower the product’s environmental footprint. Bloom works with government organisations and private companies to clean air and water pollution by using algae harvested from lakes and water treatment systems.

Brands that adopt Bloom support lake restoration and environmental protection projects that have significant impact.


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