Italian company Officina+39 launches mission to reduce water usage

Officina+39, an Italian textile company, has launched Aqualess Mission during Kingpins 24 Flash. Aqualess Mission features three products for innovative process suitable for conventional machines: Remover BC, a laser booster; Aqualess Aged, a waterless compound for abrasion effects; and OZ-One Powder, for bleached yet eco-friendly treatment. Remover BC increases laser effect on indigo or dischargeable dyestuff, saving time and energy for a swifter production. Due to the speedy process, it also prevents fabric tearing whilst focusing on giving a used look. Aqualess Aged is ideal to give abrasion effects on denim. This waterless treatment has a reduced impact on the environment and can be applied in combination with OZ-One powder both on black and indigo denim. OZ-One Powder is the sustainable (chlorine and potassium permanganate free) way to give denim that distressed and worn look, with no need of water or high temperatures. According to company’s press release, when it comes to the whole process, traditional systems use about 52 litres of water for a pair of pants, while Officina+39’s cutting-edge technology employs only 12.5 litres, resulting in Aqualess Mission reducing 75 per cent of the water use in denim and garment laundry processes. Aqualess Mission meets the needs of the industry to reduce water in manufacturing operations, pledging to meet UN’s 2030 SDG 6 of clean water and sanitation, and by doing so protects the planet and its resources.


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