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EXCLUSIVE: THE LAB TEST WHICH PROVES RECYCLED POLYESTER FRAUD IS RIFE IN FASHION SUPPLY CHAINS – Randomly selected garments from a range of high street fashion brands were found to contain zero or very little recycled polyester, despite label claims to the contrary.

A 3-step test method, deemed reliable by a leading German laboratory after blind trials, was used to examine ‘recycled polyester’ lines from several high street fashion brands.

The tests revealed that some of the clothing items had ZERO recycled content, while those that did contain recycled polyester had significantly less than advertised on the label.

The findings confirm long-held rumours that virgin polyester is being substituted for its recycled counterpart in fashion supply chains – and on a significant scale.

The idea of a test for recycled polyester has been floated for several years but hitherto deemed impossible.

This test method uses a 3-step process to ascertain whether a source material has come from plastic bottles.

Recycled polyester from plastic bottles represents over 99 per cent of recycled polyester currently in fashion supply chains.

Apparel Insider understands a patent has also been filed in China for a test which can identify chemically recycled polyester produced from textile-textile recycling.

Much of the research and development in this area is now taking place in China.

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