FiberVisions and Avgol working for the biotransformation in nonwovens

FiberVisions and Avgol are working closely with scientists at Polymateria to commercially harness biotransformation technology. The technology has been pioneered by the UK-based company, which could transform the nonwovens into 100% biodegradable products. Such products are ideal for medical and healthcare use. 

The focus will be on the launch of non-oxo-degradative components for personal protection masks and face coverings, as well as hygiene, agricultural, industrial and homecare applications. The use of biotransformation technology will support application in non-virgin resin recycling while providing a solution for ‘fugitive’ used articles, including those items that have not been properly recycled or disposed of. The process involves the material being decomposed into a wax which is then further degraded by environmental bacterial action into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

The patented technology alters the properties of polyolefins to make them biodegradable in a natural process. As such, it will allow the companies to introduce disposable products with uniquely managed lifecycles and further expand an already extensive catalog of fiber and spunlaid offerings.

Dilip-kumar. agarwal. CEO of Indorama Ventures
Dilip-kumar. agarwal. CEO of Indorama Ventures

D.K.Agarwal, CEO of Indorama Ventures, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with Polymateria to bring its revolutionary technology into our fibers business and sustainability portfolio more broadly. The collaboration between our businesses over the last 18 months has been exemplary and created a credible and scalable solution to an increasingly visible environmental issue”.

Shachar-rachim. CEO of Avgol,
Shachar-rachim. CEO of Avgol,

Shachar Rachim, CEO of Avgol, said, “The development of entirely biodegradable components is an important step in bringing the first 100% biodegradable-recyclable hygiene products to the market,” said. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to commercializing innovative products which are environmentally focused.”

Niall Dunne. CEO of Polymateria
Niall Dunne. CEO of Polymateria

Niall Dunne, CEO of Polymateria, said, “With 32% of all plastic winding up in our natural environment each year we need to ensure we are working with partners who can enable scalable solutions to address what is becoming close to 100 million tons per year problem.
Indorama has a strong track record on sustainability and the trust that has emerged between our businesses has been grounded in science and a shared mission to tackle the plastic pollution pandemic at scale”.

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