Toray develops textile to prevent odour

Toray Industries has developed a new textile – Mushon 4X – that prevents odour. The company applied proprietary nanotechnology to combine several functional processing techniques and deliver odour prevention and elimination, antibacterial, and antioxidant performance. The textile will be commercialised in November 2020 for diverse applications.

Toray will commercialise this textile in November 2020 for diverse applications needed to control unpleasant odours. They include use in innerwear, dress shirts, denim, chinos, and other regular apparel, as well as futon covers, sheets, and other bedding, and in work, service, medical, and school wear, and other uniforms. Toray targets initial sales of around 200,000 metres in fiscal 2021, increasing to 500,000 metres in fiscal 2025.

The company developed Mushon with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in 2008 to deodorise ammonia from perspiration. This material has won accolades for its performance in regular innerwear, uniforms, sportswear, and other items. Mushon 4X augments the deodorising capabilities of Mushon with odour suppression.

A rising number of sweltering summer days has increased the need to control and eliminate perspiration odours. Toray used its Technorama GII and Technorama GIII weather simulation chambers to reproduce a range of temperature and humidity conditions and reconfirm and assess odour causes. This work revealed the oxidative decomposition of sebum as an odour cause.

Mushon 4X overcomes ammonia odours. It prevents stains by stopping sebum from accumulating in fabric. It suppresses the growth of bacteria causing mildewy odours. It also acts as an antioxidant in inhibiting the oxidative decomposition of sebum. Toray’s nanotechnology-based post-finishing treatment made it possible to deliver these benefits without harming washability. This general-use textile is suitable for diverse applications and can combine with sweat-wicking and stretch fabrics to enhance wearer comfort.

Mushon 4X is eco-friendly because it is free from fluorine-based compounds in functional processing.

Toray will help materialise comfortable work environments by developing high-performance materials and products for uniforms to help optimise work efficiency, comfort, and safety while minimising environmental impact.

This article orignially appeared in TechnicalTextile


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