China’s e-com logistics activities expand in Oct 2021

China’s e-commerce logistics sector witnessed moderate growth in October, according to an industry survey jointly conducted by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and e-commerce giant The survey found that the index tracking e-commerce logistics activities rose to 111.5 points in October, up by 0.3 percentage points from September.

The total demand for e-commerce logistics rose in October, with the sub-index tracking the total business volume coming in at 127.3 points, up by 0.6 points from the previous month.

Demand for e-commerce in rural areas maintained its growth momentum, with the sub-index tracking e-commerce logistics in these regions standing at 129.4 points, up by 0.7 points from March, according to an official news agency.

The survey predicted that demand for e-commerce logistics would continue to increase in November, influenced by ‘Double 11’ (November 11 is Singles’ Day) shopping spree.


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