EU strategy for textiles roadmap published

A roadmap setting out the European Union (EU) strategy for sustainable textiles was published early this month. The initiative, launched by the European Commission, notes that the strategy is aimed at shifting the EU to a climate-neutral, circular economy where products are designed to be more durable, reusable, repairable, recyclable and energy-efficient.

The strategy’s focus is the textile industry and its recovery from the pandemic-induced crisis in a sustainable way, and also to make it more competitive, applying circular economy principles to production, products, consumption, waste management and secondary raw materials. The initiative is likely to lead to legislative measures, including in the realm of waste textile products.

The initiative, intended to boost the EU market for sustainable and circular textiles, may lead to the setting of targets to significantly increase reuse and recycling efforts as well as green public procurement in the EU.

Actions will be proposed for a greener textiles environment, addressing weaknesses in sustainable production, sustainable lifestyles, and the presence of hazardous substances. Proposals will also be made to improve waste textiles collection and recycling in the member states.

As part of the proposal-launching process, the Commission will consult stakeholders including all industry players. These will include fibre, yarn, fabric or clothing manufacturers, small and medium enterprises and global companies, as well as suppliers, retailers and other service providers. The initiative has a feedback deadline of February 2.


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