Nuvik USA, a US-based manufacturer of pre-moistened wet cloths, has added Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub, a dual-action cleaning cloth with a textured surface for scouring and scrubbing, to its Crocodile Cloth lineup of disposable cleaning cloths. The new cleaning cloth has the size and durability of the original Crocodile Cloth, but with extra scrubbing power.

Bryce Kenimer, the sales director for Nuvik USA, says, “This is our toughest cleaning cloth yet. It has the size and durability of the original Crocodile Cloth, but with extra scrubbing power for gunky, caked-on messes.”

Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub is two-sided for dual cleaning action. One side is smooth to polish and absorb, and the other side is embedded with an abrasive grit to scour through greasy, sticky messes and dried- or baked-on dirt. The scouring side is tough on grease and grime but will not scratch hard surfaces. The disposable cleaning cloths were designed to meet the needs of mechanics, manufacturing workers and others facing big messes requiring scrubbing power.

The new Power Scrub product joins the existing line of Crocodile Cloth disposable cleaning cloths, which are known for their extra-large size, durability and cleaning power. The company produces an array of related products including specialty cleaning cloths for automotive, paint, grill, marine and boating. It also produces antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers.

Jim Reid, the president and CEO of Nuvik USA, says, “We created Crocodile Cloth Power Scrub to respond to the needs we were hearing from our manufacturing and automotive users. They loved our original Crocodile Cloth, but needed something with extra teeth for their messiest applications. We are continuing to innovate to create new specialty cleaning products to help our customers tackle tough messes at work and at home. Like all of our products, Power Scrub is bigger and tougher than the competition for a truly fierce clean.”


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