Swiss company SGS unveils ESG Assurance Solutions

SGS has unveiled its first newly created service package – ESG Assurance Solutions. The launch follows the company’s announcement about SGS Sustainability Solutions, which unify a comprehensive range of sustainability services under one framework. The new package is meant to meet the environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements of its clients.

This portfolio of services, including sustainability report assurance, data verification and gap analysis, aims to meet the environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements of a variety of clients and organisations, whatever their level of maturity, industry focus or need.

Frankie Ng, CEO of SGS, said: “The launch of ESG Assurance Solutions reaffirms our commitment to develop new and innovative services within our sustainability solutions offering. Environmental, social and governance issues are becoming of greater importance to all businesses across their supply chains and in the investment arena. Our ESG Assurance Solutions will help us support our customers on their own sustainability journey, whatever their level of maturity in this process, and in turn add value to society.”

The company, leveraging its expertise in compliance, verification and training services, has created tailored solutions to meet its client’s individual requirements based on three service categories.

ESG Verified which comprises third party ESG risk evaluation, due diligence, data verification and report assurance to achieve high quality and assured results with external expertise and verification. ESG Optimised includes advisory services for improved ESG disclosures, management and performance with clear action plan solutions leading to ESG practice optimisation. ESG Certified which comprises performance evaluation based on SGS criteria and certifications to help improve ESG management practice, leading to the issuance of an ESG certificate.

The company said its sustainability solutions were framed across six pillars – resources, energy, infrastructure, production, living and business practices. These pillars are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Principles for Responsible Investment.

“By unifying our sustainability services under one framework, we give our customers greater visibility of our services that add Value to Society across supply chains. This also enables us to quantify and track revenue, helping us to measure the Value to Society that these services provide,” the company said.


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