US Cotton Trust Protocol collaborates with TextileGenesis platform

The US Cotton Trust Protocol has collaborated with the TextileGenesis platform as the world’s first sustainable cotton fibre to offer full transparency across the supply chain on the platform. It is further enhancing the value of its programme by delivering unparalleled supply chain transparency through its Protocol Credit Management System (PCMS).

The US Cotton Trust Protocol is a new science-based sustainability programme that collects robust farm-level data against six key sustainability metrics. In combination with the existing Protocol Platform, developed by Memphis-based technology partner The Seam, the TextileGenesis platform will allow the PCMS to record and verify the movement of US cotton fibre through the entire process by capturing and verifying article level transactions between the multiple participants along the complete supply chain. Upon receipt of their finished products, Trust Protocol brand and retail members will be able to claim Protocol Credits, digital tokens equivalent to the physical cotton produced under the programme, and make corresponding claims related to the environmental metrics and sustainable practices adopted by participating Trust Protocol growers, according to a press release by the National Cotton Council of America (NCC).

The collaboration will result in initial pilot trials with selected brands and mills in early June 2021, with full deployment of the PCMS envisioned for early 2022, NCC said.

“Today, having a holistic view of every step throughout the supply chain is imperative for brands and retailers. We are proud to announce our collaboration with TextileGenesis to address this need as the Trust Protocol aims to set a new standard for more sustainable and trackable cotton production,” Gary Adams, president of the US Cotton Trust Protocol said in a statement.

“We have engineered our platform to leverage the latest technology and industry-specific best-practices, with a heavy emphasis on strong data methodologies. Collaborating with the US Cotton Trust Protocol, with its clear focus on robust data and the strength of its verification practices, creates a powerful solution for brands and retailers worldwide in their search for more sustainable fibres and enhanced visibility in their supply chains,” Amit Gautam, CEO and founder of TextileGenesis said.

The Trust Protocol has welcomed more than 300 brand, retailer, mill and manufacturer members since its launch in 2020. It is included on the Textile Exchange’s list of 36 preferred fibres and materials that more than 170 participating brands and retailers can select from as part of Textile Exchange’s Material Change Index programme. The Trust Protocol is also working to align with existing standards in the cotton industry and is part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the?Forum for the Future Cotton 2040, and the?CottonUp?guide.


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